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Graphic Designer


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Eunsun Park



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New York & Seoul Based Graphic Designer

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Eunsun Park is New York and Seoul Based Graphic Designer. She graduated School of Visual Arts NYC in 2017 as Graphic Design Major MFA.
She is researching Swiss based logical design and New York based modern, artsy
and experimental design.
     Her major business is Editorial design dealing with typography on prints basically, she also has been working
on Branding Design.

Graphic Designer
Eunsun Park


Seoul University of Science
and Technology, 2013 (BFA)
School of Visual Arts NYC,
2017 (BFA)
Currently in Seoul, South Korea.

+82 10 2433 3615
Instagram @esunpak
Behance / eunsunpark_

Worked at
Cross Point NYC

G-PARK Energy Drink Branding Design
Strong Brand Lab Book Design
Knours Cosmetic Brand Catalog Design
Aromatica Cosmetic Branding Design


Bliss Branding & Banner Design

Everyday Practice

Busanbiennale 2018 Poster, Banner and etc Design Assist
SeMA GANA Collection
2019 Book
Cover & Inside Design
CJ TUNEUP 2018 Album
Jacket Design
ONW Yusam Sung’s Solo Exhibition
Poster & Banner Design
ONW Business Card Design

Creative Studio Unravel


Internal Affairs 2018
‘Korean’s non-korean Exhibition’ Solo Exhibition 2019
Typojanchi 2019

Distributors for Book ‘BLEU’  

Actual Source, Utah, USA
Curatorial Research Bureau, San francisco, USA
Draw Down Books, Guilford, USA
McNally Jackson Book, New York, USA
MZIN, leipzig, Germany
Printed Matter INC, New York, USA