Eunsun Park

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Graphic designer
Eunsun Park

Based in New York
Seoul University of Science and Technology, 2013 (BFA)
School of Visual Arts, 2017 (BFA)
Currently in Seoul, South Korea.

+82 10 2433 3615

Work Experience at
Cross Point NYC
Everyday Practice

The Scent of South Ridgeley
(Film Diary)

A book based on a short journey that recently I ’ve been to Los Angeles.

44 pgs, 6x8 (in) available in July, Seoul, South Korea.
with A Riso-printed A4 size Poster, 3 postcards, a tote bag (33x35 cm)
2 kinds of Riso print postcard and the Poster is
printed by Corners.

South Ridgeley의 향기
(필름 일기)

최근에 로스앤젤레스로 다녀왔던
짧은 여행에 관한 책.

44페이지 6x8 (in)
A4사이즈의 리소프린트 포스터,
3가지 포스트카드와 캔버스백과 함께
서울에서 판매예정.
두가지의 리소프린트 포스트카드와
포스터는 코우너스에서 인쇄 했다.

2 kinds of Riso Print Postcards by Corners / Another Postcard on Black Paper with White text by Comzone