Brand Identity & Package Design for a Seoul based Haute Couture Brand ‘YULYEO’

Yulyeo developes menswear & womenswear at the same time and pursues an unbalance mood in her own way that is avant-garde + classic: "yulyeo". Also, as the years go by, she aims for high-quality fashion that becomes valuable.
      Yulyeo interprets past garments completely and makes clothes that reflect trands through the process of the reinterpretation and dissolution in her own way. It comes from the word avant-garde, yulyeo wants to express a "bold" design, changes her thoughts away from her repeated daily life, and delivers a variety of aesthetics to people.
      The full image of "yulyeo" can be expressed in two words: "desire" and "bloom". Park yeo-yul, the brand's representative designer, starts with her own desire and goes around her. It expands and becomes a brand that encompasses everyone's desires. Our identity is expressed as a work in a free way of expression such as drawing, painting, photography, pattern making, and drawing in each collection with other inspiration themes.
      The collection of "yulyeo" is based on aesthetic inspiration, including natural objects, artifacts, art, and music. Each collection of the brand goes from each "word" to a related storytelling process to pursue a new aesthetic and look back on the past. "All of this" is based on our imagination, and "all of this" becomes "fashion" as output.
      Yulyeo hopes that her brand, starting with her desire, has everyone's desire. She hopes it will be a way to express it.

Photography : Sangwoo Kim